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The Benefits and Nutritional Content of Banana fruit

Alodokter.com Banana is a delicious tropical plant and rich in nutrients. Plants that only bear fruit once in a lifetime can be processed into many dishes. Starting from fried bananas, compote, banana cake and many more. as a fruit that has quite a lot of fans, it turns out bananas save a myriad of benefits. What are the benefits of bananas? Benefits of Banana Fruit The following are the benefits of bananas summarized by Bukaaja.site: 1. Has a high fiber content Banana fruit is a fruit that is rich in fiber. In 2 medium size bananas with fiber content of up to 6 grams. Fiber is very important for digestive health. Not only that, fiber is also good for lowering cholesterol levels and reducing blood sugar. High fiber from bananas makes you not feel hungry fast so bananas are suitable for those of you who are on a calorie diet. Every day's fiber needs vary. On average men need fiber at 38 grams / day and for women 25 grams / day. 2. Prevent Ul

The following Benefits of Garlic For Health

 Who doesn't know about garlic? One of the kitchen spices is very important for cooking, of course. But apart from being a kitchen spice it turns out garlic has a myriad of benefits for health. What are they? 1. Can reduce blood pressure according to research it turns out garlic can reduce blood pressure. By consuming garlic can reduce or reduce blood pressure for people with hypertension. For maximum benefit in reducing blood pressure, consume 4 cloves of garlic a day. 2.  control blood sugar levels Besides being able to reduce blood pressure, it turns out garlic has benefits for controlling blood sugar levels. Garlic can reduce insulin resistance. Where it is known that insulin resistance is one of the causes of diabetes. Baca Juga 3. treat flu According to the study, garlic was able to treat flu. The compounds contained in garlic can stimulate and strengthen the body's immunity to be able to fight the flu virus. 4. Treating infl

Danger of watering the head first when bathing, how to bathe properly

Tribunnews.com You may have heard that when showering with a head watering it is very dangerous for health, it can even cause strokes. But is that true? Shower flush head first Risk of stroke According to Prof. Dr. Teguh Ranakusuma SpS, showering with a head first can increase the risk of stroke for some people. This is affected by sudden changes in temperature in the head. Watering the head first can be dangerous if there are significant differences between the temperature of the water and body temperature. "If someone whose body is overheated and immediately drenched his head with cold water, it can cause nerves to be shocked or even stroke if it occurs in unhealthy people," explained Prof. Dr. Teguh Ranakusuma, SpS (K), a neurologist from the Department of Neurology FKUI- RSCM, whencontacted detikHealth on Monday (9/26/2011)Also Read According to Dr. Teguh, sudden changes in body temperature are very dangerous. Sudden changes in body temperature can cau

Migraine - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Alodokter.com Have you ever felt a throbbing headache on only one side of your head? Beware that it could be a symptom of migraine. Migraine is a throbbing headache that usually occurs on one side of the head. .migraine is a neurological disorder that can occur within a few hours to several days. Migraine attacks can occur in anyone both young and old. But according to research women far more often suffer from migraines than men. Then what are the causes of migraine? causes of migraine Until now there have been no studies that can reveal the exact cause of migraine. Although not yet known for certain, some of the factors below are thought to cause migraines, namely: 1. Diet Some foods such as: .food / drink containing caffeine (coffee etc.) Salted food / processed food (fast food) Foods that contain artificial sweeteners and MSG 2. Emotional Factors Emotional factors such as stress, depression, anxiety etc. 3. Changes in Hormones in Women

Cavities, what should I do? Revoke or patch

Kompas.com Have you ever experienced cavities? Cavity is a disease that can affect anyone, especially for those who lack dental and oral hygiene. Often cavities do not cause symptoms or pain during the early stages. .this causes cavities to often be ignored. But when the hole has enlarged and has reached the pulp, tremendous pain starts to emerge from the hole. When the tooth hole has enlarged it needs special care. Starting from patching or until it must be revoked. .then how is it good? Patch or pull out? Before discussing it you must know the handling of cavities according to the level of damage. 1. Small Invisible Eye Hole when the hole is still very small and even invisible to the eye the handling will be easier. You just use flouride. Fluoride can repair damaged tooth enamel and fill in the invisible hole. then where can we get flouride? Now almost all toothpastes contain fluoride. Make sure before buying toothpaste check the fluoride content in it

How to naturally remove gallstones with Apple's

 Jawapos.com Who doesn't know this one fruit? Apples are one of the most favorite fruits for the people of the world. there are various types of apples that are spread throughout the world, but in Indonesia we ourselves know 2 types that are quite familiar, namely American Apples (import) and Malang Apples (local). as a fruit that is often made for juice, who would have thought this fruit could be used to treat gallstones. Gallstones are a collection of cholesterol that hardens in the bile. hardening of this cholesterol can occur because of a number of things including because of eating too much oily food. Since long ago, apples were believed to soften gallstones and help remove them from the body along with feces. gallstones that are not removed are very dangerous for health. How to naturally remove gallstones Treatment methods as follows: 1. Drink four glasses of fresh apple juice every day, or eat four or five fresh apples. do this for five consecutive