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Migraine - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Have you ever felt a throbbing headache on only one side of your head?

Beware that it could be a symptom of migraine. Migraine is a throbbing headache that usually occurs on one side of the head. .migraine is a neurological disorder that can occur within a few hours to several days.

Migraine attacks can occur in anyone both young and old. But according to research women far more often suffer from migraines than men.

Then what are the causes of migraine?

causes of migraine

Until now there have been no studies that can reveal the exact cause of migraine. Although not yet known for certain, some of the factors below are thought to cause migraines, namely:

1. Diet

Some foods such as:

.food / drink containing caffeine (coffee etc.)

Salted food / processed food (fast food)

Foods that contain artificial sweeteners and MSG

2. Emotional Factors

Emotional factors such as stress, depression, anxiety etc.

3. Changes in Hormones in Women

.hormonal changes in women are thought to trigger migraines. This happens when the estrogen hormone decreases significantly. This estrogen hormone fluctuation usually occurs before and after menstruation.

4. Environmental Factors

.environmental factors that can cause migraines such as:

Cigarette smoke


Paint Scent Remover

Changes in the weather

Stinging aroma like perfume etc.

5. Habit Factors

The habit factors that can cause migraines include:

Frequent Sleep / Sleep Deprivation

.Poor Sleep Quality

Sports are too heavy

Hipoglekimia (lack of blood sugar)

6. Drug Side Effects

Side effects of drugs such as birth control pills can cause migraine symptoms for some people.

Migraine Symptoms

.before discussing the symptoms of migraine, it would be nice to know some types of migraines.

Migraine Types

1. Migraine with Aura

Migraine with aura is a migraine disease that begins with signs of aura.

.aura is a visual impairment such as seeing flashes of light, wavy lines, dark spots or unable to see clearly.

Aura can occur 30 minutes before a migraine attack.

2. Migraine without aura

.migraine without aura is a headache that occurs suddenly without any symptoms.

3. Migraine with aura, but without headaches

This type of migraine is a migraine that is quite rare, better known as silent migraine.

.This type of migraine begins with symptoms of migraine and aura but there is no headache.

Not all sufferers experience migraine symptoms, but broadly the symptoms of migraines can be grouped as follows:

Prodromal Stage. At this stage the symptoms of migraine are still not clearly visible. .usually patients will feel faster thirst, mood swings, frequent urination, frequent yawning, neck stiffness etc.

Aura. At this stage the sufferer will experience visual disturbances in the form of flashes of light, wavy lines, difficulty seeing clearly etc.

.headache. At this stage the patient will experience severe headaches that can occur on one side of the head, not infrequently both heads. This headache can be accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, head feels throbbing, sensitive to light etc. .These headache symptoms can last from 4 to 72 hours depending on how severe the pain is.

Resolution. This symptom generally occurs after the headache attacks end. At this stage generally the symptoms of headache will begin to decline. .at the resolution stage the patient will feel a mild headache, fatigue and sensitive to light and sound.

In addition to the four stages of the above symptoms, migraines can also be accompanied by symptoms as follows:


Stomach ache

Difficulty concentrating


Feeling hot or cold


Migraine treatment

Actually migraines cannot be cured, but if you have a migraine some of these things can alleviate the symptoms:

1. Take painkillers

.if the migraine you suffer from is still mild or moderate, pain relievers that are sold on the market can still reduce the headaches it causes.

2. Reduce stress

No doubt stress is one of the factors that most often brings disease. .control your stress so that your body stays healthy and fit.

3. Try Alternative Medicine

Alternative treatments such as Acupuncture or Reflection Massage have long been believed to relieve the symptoms of various diseases.

4. Avoid foods / drinks which are preserved and contain MSG

If you often and become a migraine subscriber, from now on consider your food consumption patterns. Avoid foods that can trigger migraines. .try to consume fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber and contain antioxidants.

Like apples, tomatoes and garlic.




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