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The Benefits and Nutritional Content of Banana fruit

Banana is a delicious tropical plant and rich in nutrients. Plants that only bear fruit once in a lifetime can be processed into many dishes.

Starting from fried bananas, compote, banana cake and many more. as a fruit that has quite a lot of fans, it turns out bananas save a myriad of benefits.

What are the benefits of bananas?

Benefits of Banana Fruit

The following are the benefits of bananas summarized by

1. Has a high fiber content

Banana fruit is a fruit that is rich in fiber. In 2 medium size bananas with fiber content of up to 6 grams.

Fiber is very important for digestive health. Not only that, fiber is also good for lowering cholesterol levels and reducing blood sugar.

High fiber from bananas makes you not feel hungry fast so bananas are suitable for those of you who are on a calorie diet.

Every day's fiber needs vary. On average men need fiber at 38 grams / day and for women 25 grams / day.

2. Prevent Ulcer Pain

who knows that bananas can help prevent heartburn. This sweet yellow fruit contains natural antacids which can reduce acid levels in the stomach.

bananas also contain a flavonoid antioxidant called leucocyanidin, which helps increase mucous membranes in the stomach so as to prevent the occurrence of stomach ulcers.

3. Reducing the risk of stroke

Bananas are known as fruits which have a high potassium content. it turns out the content of potassium in bananas can reduce the risk of stroke.

In a study of women in menopause, women who consume potassium routinely turned out to have a lower risk of stroke than those who did not consume it at all.

4. Reduce blood pressure

If previously potassium can reduce the risk of stroke, it turns out potassium can also reduce blood pressure.

Potassium can reduce sodium levels in the blood. as it is known that high levels of sodium / salt in the blood is one of the causes of high blood pressure.

With potassium which can reduce sodium levels in the blood, bananas can help lower your blood pressure.

5. Overcoming Morning Sickness

Banana is recommended for pregnant women, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. This is because the benefits of bananas can alleviate the problem of morning sickness.

The content of B6 in bananas can alleviate the problem of morning sickness in pregnant women. b6 is recommended for consumption by pregnant women to relieve symptoms of nausea and vomiting for pregnant women.

6. Prevent Migraines and Osteoporosis

Banana fruit is rich in manganese. Manganese is one of the minerals that is needed by the body.

Manganese can help prevent migraines, help wound healing and bone growth.

According to research, people who have low levels of manganese are more prone to osteoporosis than those who often consume manganese.

7. Useful for Facial Masks

bananas contain vitamin C, an antioxidant that is important in the formation of collagen and helps prevent damage from UV light. This fruit is also known to prevent acne, absorb oil, and moisturize dry skin.

overcooked bananas that are most suitable for making natural masks.

8. Increase Memory and Maintain Mood

Bananas contain tryptophan and amino acids which play a role in maintaining memory and improving your mood.

Nutrient content in bananas

In general, the nutritional content contained in each ripe banana is as follows:

Calorie 99 calories

1.2 grams of protein

0.2 gram fat

25.8 milligrams (mg) carbohydrates

0.7 gram fiber

Calcium 8 mg

Phosphorus 28 mg

Iron 0.5 mg

Vitamin A 44 RE

0.08 mg of Vitamin B

vitamin C 3 mg and water 72 grams.

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