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23 Android secret codes that You Must Know

Dailysocial.id Smartphones at this time have become everyone's main need. Nowadays if you don't have a smartphone it feels like something is missing. Many smartphones on the market today are dominated by the Android and iOS operating systems. Among the two systems, Android is the one who has the most users. But you know, from the myriad of features that Android has, it turns out there are still secret features that are hidden. these secret features have many uses such as to test the smartphone condition or other features such as hard reset or soft reset. 23 Android secret codes that you must know Here are the codes: Also Read 1. *#*#4636#*#* This code serves to show the condition of the battery, network and information about your mobile. The above code can also be used to replace preferred networks such as HSDPA only or LTE only. 2. *#06# This code is used to check the Mobile IMEI number. 3. *#*#3264#*#* This code is used to

Cholesterol Dangerous for Health, symptoms, causes and treatment

Okezone.com Among ordinary people, cholesterol is often blamed for being a source of various sources of health problems. But you know, not all cholesterol is bad for health. There is also cholesterol that is actually needed by the body. cholesterol is a fat-like compound that is found naturally in almost all parts of the body. Cholesterol itself is available through 2 sources: 1. Produced by the Heart The liver naturally produces cholesterol which is useful for keeping the cell wall flexible and producing hormones. 2. From the food you consume The normal cholesterol number recommended by a doctor is below 200 milligrams per deciliter (mg / dl). Broadly speaking, cholesterol itself can actually be divided into 2, namely: 1. Good Fat (HDL High-Density Lipoprotein) good fat is a fat that is highly needed by the body, normal good fat content in general is 60 milligrams per deciliter (mg / dl). The higher the level of fat, the better. HDL fat helps to carry bad

Be Carefull, This is Smartphone with Highest Radiation

mi.co.id Are have heard about cellphone radiation?Yes, every electronic device has its own radiation level. The higher the level of radiation, the worse the effect on health. Then what is the radiation threshold? According to research the radiation threshold that humans can accept is 2.00 watts per kilogram. More than that can be categorized as dangerous. But according to the Blue Angel organization, an environmental care institution from Germany, the safe limit of radiation that humans can receive is 0.60 watts per kilogram. The level of radiation received by the body is called the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). This is a list of smartphones with the highest radiation: 1. Xiaomi MIA1 This Chinese mobile phone is ranked first with SAR levels of up to 1.75 watts per kilogram 2. OnePlus 5T is 1.68 watts per kilogram 3. Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is 1.58 watts per kilogram 4.onePlus 6T is 1.55 watts per kilogram 5. The HTC U12 Life is 1.48 watts per kilogram 6.

Ways and Tips for Treating Ulcer, Realize Symptoms and know the Causes

Ulcer disease is a disease that often affects many people in this world. Often this disease attacks without knowing gender and age. Everyone can get ulcer disease. Ulcer disease is a disease that attacks the body's digestive system, especially the stomach. Ulcer is a pain that appears or arises on the stomach. Pain in gastric pain occurs mainly due to wounds on the gastric wall. This gastric wound is generally caused by an increase in stomach acid. High acid in the stomach causes the gastric wall to become injured due to excessive acid production. Cause Gastric Pains Gastric Pain is usually caused by an increase in gastric acid in digestion or commonly called GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). GERD itself is characterized by a feeling of tightness in the pit of the stomach or burning in the esophagus. Besides being caused by GERD or gastric acid, ulcers can also be caused by gastric ulcers (inflammation of the stomach, intestines and esophagus). Even sto

Turns Out Headphone and Headset are Harmful to Health

Microsoft.com Do you like listening music? If you are music lovers , you will be like to listening music in your free time. Music can bring our feelings. Many people say that, music can understand our feelings. In now era, we are busy with our activity. If in the past many people had free time for relax and listening music on the radio, but now no longer. People prefer to listening music along with their busy life. Headphone and headset are the answer so we can listen music anywhere and anytime. With Headphone and Headset we can listen music clearly without interference from outside noise. But, Headphone and Headset are can broken your ear and make you sick. According to the WHO ( World Health Organization ), about 50% of hearing ability for adult humans can decrease due to the use of headphones or headsets to listen to music. Many people listening music with Headphone and Headset that the volume set is 70% of the maximum volume or it's same with 85 dB. If, liste

Easy Way to Make Subdomain From Your Domain

Do you have a domain? You want to create subdomain from your main domain? Subdomain is extension from main domain. Subdomain will not separate from main domain. In my case, I have subdomain " english.bukaaja.site " . The main domain I have is  " bukaaja.site "  and the subdomain is " english.bukaaja.site " . English are additions from main domain. www is actually also a subdomain, but because many people use it so many people think that is main domain. Subdomain have separate function from main domain. For example, you already have a Domain, in my case I have domain "bukaaja.site", then you want to make forum from your blog / website. So you must make subdomain from your domain, for example you make subdomain "forum.bukaaja.site". So, you will have 2 blog / website with 1 domain, 1 is main domain and other is subdomain. Creating a Subdomain with cPanel ( CNAME ) Now, I will share how to make subdomain from cPane